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It's All a State of Mind

Welcome to Mind-Brain.com, one of the leading communities and content providers on the internet today for neuroscience, consciousness, and philosophy, and a testament to the upcoming revolution in mind-brain understanding and technology.


The world is our creation, it is a thing created by mind, it is a mental construct. This is what Mind-Brain.com seeks to communicate to others, so that they may open their eyes to this fact, so that they may go on to create something more than what is, and to instill the world with new and greater meaning. Many people do not appreciate the essentially 'constructive nature' of reality. It is all a mental construct. We are deceived by the fact that we are humans with human consciousness.... we rarely venture outside the realms of our human consciousness, and thus we see the world with human eyes. Naturally, humans are blind to this, for the most part. But this is only because that is the way that humans are predisposed and 'programmed' to construct the world, in human terms, in all-too-human terms. There is nothing 'objective' about objective science, other than the fact that the truths obtained by objective science are invariant across human consciousness, but they do not hold for other types and modes of consciousness.

Do you know who or what you are? Think about it. There are many illusions in life. The arguably tragic thing is that so many people of the past have lived their entire lives in illusion. They believed in their mental constructs, and took them to be the truth of things, up into their graves. They were confined within their human consciousness, and never looked beyond. They never saw the true potential of consciousness, nor realized the constructive nature of reality. They never realized that their 'truths' were simply mental constructs, including their own sense of self-identity.

If anything, Mind-Brain.com seeks to awaken people to the fact that the full potential of consciousness has not yet been realized, and that in order to begin realizing it, we must transcend our human consciousness. This may be brought about in many different ways, and spiritual insight is certainly important for awakening one to the latent potential of consciousness, but the most important way to realize this potential will be through adequate understanding of brain mechanisms and the manipulation and enhancement of the human brain and its functioning, in order to make it more than human.

The brain is the most complicated thing in the known universe. Naturally, a full deciphering of the wondrous workings of the brain is far too much for any one person alone; it will require a concerted collective effort. And that's where Mind-Brain.com steps in, to provide some much needed vision and inspiration for joining in this collective effort. Even nowadays, sadly enough, the field of neuroscience has no real strong vision or leadership that unites everyone towards a worthy common objective. Mind-Brain.com seeks to provide that vision, so that we may all accomplish something that has henceforth been deemed unattainable, and so that we may all realize the full potential that neuroscience promises our species, not in some remote future, but today.

For all of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our species, it is remarkable that we have not yet fully deciphered that which defines us and determines our consciousness, our brains. It is also rather amazing, if not a bit disheartening, that so much of our species lives in such ignorance. For if people were more fully aware of the vast potential that neuroscience offers us, then how could they do anything else but unite towards realizing this vast potential? Even those lacking the requisite time or mental resources could still contribute financially or in other ways towards the collective effort. The problem seems to be one of ignorance, laziness, the shirking of responsibility, and the misplacement of priorities.

There is only one path open to us that is worthy.

Mind-Brain.com seeks to guide people to this path, by awakening them to the full potential that neuroscience offers us all.

More to the Point

To be more straightforward, the objective of this site involves aligning peoples wills precisely to bring about a greater state of understanding of human brain function with the intent of modifying, expanding, and enhancing our 'normal' consciousness. We need only reflect on the fact that, before we put a man on the moon, it was inconceivable that it would ever be done, or that before the advent of the computer and of the internet, it was inconceivable that they would transform our lives in the manner in which they have, in order to realize that all it takes is a vision, and the expression of will for its realization. For great tasks, we need great wills and the alignment of many peoples wills towards a common objective. Mind-Brain.com provides a worthy vision and seeks to align peoples will towards its realization.

The current state of neuroscience suffers, not only from a gross lack of leadership and collaboration, but also from placing way too much emphasis on understanding and alleviating mental disorders. While this is a worthy endeavor, it compromises the arguably worthier goal of enhancing and transcending our current state of 'normal' consciousness. Why should all of our attention and government funds be placed towards alleviating mental illness when it could be better placed in expanding and enhancing our current mental states? Do we think that all of humanity's suffering can be overcome in our current state of limited consciousness? No, the solutions must be sought in higher states of consciousness, and this is precisely what the field of neuroscience should be endeavoring to realize.

The brain is, admittedly, a tough nut to crack, but it will be cracked, and the reward for our species will be beyond anything we can conceptualize today by using our limited states of consciousness.

Expansion of Consciousness

The evolution and expansion of consciousness is inevitable. With the expansion of consciousness comes new ways of seeing reality. Everything changes. You see things that you never could of conceived of before. Old philosophies and religions suddenly appear naive and give way to a far more profound understanding. Most religions and philosophies will not last long, simply because it is inevitable that a profound transformation in our consciousness, in our way of understanding and interacting with reality, is going to soon take place. It is inevitable because that is the direction that consciousness is headed. [ More ]